----- About Us -----

We hear the same story from so many small business owners, entrepreneurs, solo practitioners and attorneys: their clients come first, but they’re frustrated having to spend so much time on the accounting and financial side of their business. This is one of the biggest pain points of being a business owner.

That’s where Limitless Value Accountancy Corporation comes in. We take the stress out of financial reporting, tax preparation and planning, so our clients can concentrate on what they do best.

Limitless Value Accountancy Corporation is not just a bookkeeping service. We are a women-owned, virtual accounting firm, overseen by two Certified Public Accountants. This means we bring a higher level of attention, detail and experience to your company’s accounting needs.

We do not simply enter transactions into accounting software. We review your books. We ask questions. We compare and research questionable transactions. We follow up with clients. We get personal and familiar with your business because we know your company’s financial numbers backwards and forwards. We are the accounting firm for businesses that do not have in-house accountants. And unlike larger accounting firms that tend to delegate your company work to individuals without advanced degrees; we, as CPAs, personally oversee your company’s financials.


Elizabeth Vaughn


Elizabeth Vaughna Co-founder of Limitless Value Accountancy Corporation. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who provides business solutions to help clients grow revenue and streamline finances. She is a perfect match for small businesses, entrepreneurs and solo practitioners on a growth trajectory.

Elizabeth’s business philosophy is built around the understanding that every minute a business owner spends on financial matters is time not being spent on clients, and as such, cannot be billed as revenue. By entrusting her with the financial details of the business, practitioners are able to improve their bottom line by concentrating on their business and not their financial statements.

Lucia Vizcaya Green​


Lucia Green is a Co-founder of Limitless Value Accountancy Corporation. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who specializes in helping individuals, business owners and trustees/executors with tax planning and tax preparation. She loves working with small businesses that are open to guidance and ideas to make their company’s financials run as smoothly as possible.

Lucia always strives to identify business expenses correctly in order to maximize her client’s tax deductions and minimize their tax liability. She prides herself on being easy to work with, and always listening and following up on her clients’ needs.